Top Three Trends for Office Janitorial Supplies and Cleaning in 2017

Even when it comes to something as basic as keeping your office spotless, it helps to pay attention to the latest trends. After all, a new product just introduced to the cleaning industry may just make your work life a whole lot easier. It may improve the efficiency of your maintenance operations or even generate savings on your monthly operating budget.

When it comes to the commercial cleaning market, particular trends regarding maintenance are being highly applauded today due to their ability to make office cleaning much easier and relatively cheaper. Following are a host of industry trends worth heeding. Read more from this blog:


Boost Office and Employee Morale with the Right Janitorial Equipment

Office environment can have a tremendous impact on the morale and work quality of employees. A well-maintained office— clean and free of clutter – can inspire employees to work better and enjoy their time on the job. To achieve this goal, you need the right janitorial equipment in Louisville.

Improve Productivity

Studies show that good work is often inspired by clean environments. In fact, many people feel significantly more motivated to produce high-quality work on time when their work spaces are free of dirt and clutter. They are also less distracted, less prone to take breaks that are too long, and less inclined to waste time on activities that are not related to their job. Read more on this article:


Equipment Upkeep: Simple Maintenance Tips to Keep Vacuum Repairs at Bay

Whether you run a hospital, a hotel, or an office building, you know that commercial vacuum cleaners are a huge time saver. With their help, your cleaning staff can have more time to perform other equally important maintenance tasks without compromising the cleanliness of your facility.

But just like any machines, vacuum cleaners also need a little bit of TLC to usher them through long and productive service live. Fortunately, there are simple maintenance steps that can save you from huge headaches and huge repair bills.

Mind Those Filter Bags

While it’s tempting to fill a filter bag completely before swapping out for a fresh one, the reduced airflow will not only hinder the vacuum’s cleaning ability, it can also shorten the equipment’s life. At the start of every shift, maintenance crew should check the air filters’ current capacity and swap them out for new ones when they are two-thirds full. Read more from this blog.


Know When Your Essential Janitorial Equipment in Louisville Needs Repairs

As one of the most basic and necessary pieces of janitorial equipment in Louisville, your vacuum cleaner should always be kept in top working order. After all, a well-working vacuum cleaner is essential to keeping commercial spaces clean and welcoming to customers or clients. A faulty vacuum fails to effectively remove dust, dirt, and other debris, rendering offices or lobbies unpresentable and potentially unfavorable to business.

There are signs that indicate your vacuum cleaner is in disrepair. Once you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to have your vacuum repaired or replaced if necessary.


Maintenance Tips to try Before Bringing Your Unit for Vacuum Repair


Just like any other kind of cleaning equipment, there will come a time when your vacuum cleaner will have functional issues. The trick is to determine if it’s time for a repair or a replacement, or if it’s something that could be addressed by good ol’ maintenance.

Unclog Blockages

In case your vacuum’s suctioning power isn’t performing as strongly as it used to—or as it should be—then you might want to check for blockages. An item may be blocking the hose, which prevents it from picking up dirt and other debris as smoothly as it should. If it’s not in the intake hose, then the blockage could be coming from the exhaust ports, so do check up on that as well.

Clean Vacuum Bags and Filters

Your vacuum bag is not the trash bag. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that just because it’s sucked the dirt and debris into it, you can already call it a day and give your certification of clean approval.



Janitorial Supplies from Louisville Suppliers: Choosing the Right Ones

Whether it be for your home or your business, use only safe and effective janitorial supplies from Louisville suppliers. These tools can help you make better decisions when purchasing janitorial equipment.

Know the Surface Material

Not all cleaning supplies are created equal. Consider the ingredients used in the solutions of the cleaning product to make sure that it will not leave any damage to the surface material.


Cleaning Commercial Spaces on a Dime with Quality Janitorial Equipment

Business owners are focused on their budgets at all times and want to cut overhead as much as possible without sacrificing key things. They often look for ways to save money on janitorial supplies in Louisville. If that sounds like you, follow these tips to keep your commercial space clean on a dime.

Buy Cleaning Supplies in Bulk

You’ll need a wide range of cleaning and janitorial supplies to keep your Louisville-area office clean, like floor cleaning products, window cleaners, restroom cleaners and more. Buy these items in bulk to take advantage of lower wholesale prices and always have the cleaning supplies you need on hand.